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Ebony C, Parent

Hello my name is Ebony C, parent of a student in Best Bet Skills Academy. I can not express enough gratitude for Daniel and BBSA. My 14 year old has learned so much in the past few weeks.

I've noticed an improvement in his confidence, his ability to approach people and market himself. Usually a

shy teen who plays the background. He has also learned how to ask people for money to help fund his

business and purchase equipment. Following Daniels advice he has raised over $600 for equipment. BBSA

has prepared him with the knowledge to feel confident outside of the class and I have seen major results.

Daniel is more than an instructor he has became a mentor and someone my son looks up to. We are so

fortunate to be apart of this program I would highly recommend this program to any parent with a teenager

who is interested in becoming an entrepreneur.

Yantise F, Parent

Hi, I'm Yantise, parent of a

student who attended the Best

Bet Skills Academy. First I have

to give a huge thank you to

Daniel for creating such a

course designed to expand our

children's mindsets to focus

on things more important that

will enhance their lives and

character. Truthfully my son is

only interested in all things

basketball. To see a positive

shift in him and his dedication

for this six week class,

especially during summer

vacation, let me know that

enrolling him was the best bet.

He is more inclined to explore

information about things that

will enhance him as a young


Danielle B, Parent

My daughter went through

Best Bet Skills Academy over

the summer and it has really

matured her perspective on

her future. She's just too

young for a formal job, but

immediately started applying

the concepts to growing her

babysitting business. The

sessions kept her engaged and

forward-thinking! Daniel is

also committed to helping

these kids reach their goals,

thank you Daniel!

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